DevOps tools, such as Azure DevOps and Jenkins, centralise and standardise the various elements of the development, verification, validation and deployment processes, allowing them to interact with each other. This leads to rapid and accurate deployment of software.

How does DevOps improve code quality?

Code changes are linked to the bugs that they fix. Pull Requests are used in code reviews to ensure code quality and for checking for any conflicts.

Automated builds ensure successful compilation prior to merging into the main code trunk.

Release management deploys updates for applications and libraries whenever the main code is updated and automatically sends update notifications to users.

Issue tracking enables users and testers to log anomalies and defects, and to submit change and new feature requests.

Application telemetry monitors app usage and automatically logs new anomalies or defects when crashes occur, linking them back into the development process.

We’re successfully using DevOps for a wide range of projects from medical to IoT, from Web to Mobile apps.

Microsoft’s Azure DevOps can be used for free
Jenkins is an opensource free alternative