Biopotential subsystem – EEG, ECG, EMG

Case Study

Part of a larger more complex medical product the electroencephalograph subsystem used a 24-bit 8 channel ADC with integrated ECG/EEG front end. The applications support for this device was almost exclusively for electrocardiograph designs rather than the more sensitive electroencephalograph required for this development. Subsequently, the electronic subsystem can not only be used in systems that detect brain activity (electroencephalograph or EEG) but also in heart monitors (electrocardiogram or ECG) and also in neuromuscular equipment that monitors muscle and nerve activity (electromyography or EMG).

The EEG demonstrator incorporated signal processing in software to compensate for temperature drift and to reject mains pickup which is the dominant noise source in biosensors of this type.

Achievement: A fully functional subsystem was demonstrated using evaluation boards reducing the development risk dramatically and custom PCBs were then developed and integrated into the product.