Human-Centred Design

Human-centred design (HCD) is an approach to designing products, systems or services that focuses on the user’s needs and requirements, the aim is to solve a human problem in the most efficient and effective way for the end-user. How useable is your product?

Observe People Interacting with your Product

HCD begins by better understanding how people will use and interact with your product or service it encompasses the thoughts, feelings, frustrations and needs that users will have interacting with your product and observing how people connect with and respond to your and/or your competitors’ products.

The information gleaned from this initial stage can be used to enhance or adapt the usability and ergonomics of the proposed product or service.  A solution is prototyped to provide an opportunity to observe how people respond and interact with it. When the human factors have been optimised, we can help you fully implement your product or service so that it is ready for market and fully operational.