Digital Signal Processing

Digital signal processing is a large field but broadly the types of processing applied to signals involve filtering, measuring, compressing and signal conditioning.

Extensive Experience

In real time many high-bandwidth, high-speed signals require digital signal processing to be performed in dedicated high speed processors such as DSPs (Digital Signal Processors) and GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) or in programmable logic such as FPGAs (Field Programmable Logic Arrays). 

For off-line processing or for low-bandwidth, lower speed signals, the digital signal processing can be done in computer subsystems, desktop or smart phone apps, and even in microcontrollers.

We are experienced in all the techniques above and have extensive digital signal processing experience covering video, computer vision, audio, radar, medical devices, sensing, communications links etc.

We are confident that we can help you, whether it is a specific signal processing problem or implementation that you have, or if you are just not sure if digital signal processing should be applied to your product or system or not.