Mobile Apps

Mobile applications, those that run on phones and tablets, are applications designed with mobility, ease of use and touch sensitivity from the outset. Westwood Rock's developers can help you realise your mobile app dreams.


Multi-platform software development, sometimes revered to as cross-platform, allows sharing of code across different domains and platforms.  This reduces cost, improves code sharing and speeds up the development process.

Using technologies such as Microsoft .NET, Xamarin and Uno Platform we can develop applications on Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating system using the same language and reusing the same code.

Additionally, we can use the same technology to develop:

  • Windows Desktop Apps
  • Web Services
  • Web Apps

Therefore, we can simultaneously develop for a variety of devices, reducing the overall cost of a project and reducing the development time.

  • Desktop computers
  • Tablets
  • Smart phones



When cross-platform is not a requirement or where perfomance and low-level access is a priority for the project then development with the native languages can be used.

On iOS the primary language is Swift and on Android it is Java, with Kotlin increasing in popularity all the time.

Our developers have years of experience developing native applications using Xcode (iOS) and Android Studio (Android).

Mobile SDK and APIs

The creators of each mobile and desktop platforms provide low level SDK (Software Development Kits) and APIs (Application Programmer Interfaces) that developers of applications can use to gain access the full range of hardware capabilities of the devices.

GPS, Bluetooth, Camera, Media, AR (Augmented Reality), Compass, Data sharing, Health tracking and Smart Home management are just some of the capabilities that can be used and integrated into your mobile applications.


App Stores and Marketplaces

Mobile apps are typically distributed through App Stores available on each platform.

iOS has the App Store and Android has Google Play Store.  

Apps can be distributed through the App Stores as free applications, useful when integrating with another solution or hardware.  But you can also sell Apps through the store for a profit.

The owners typically charge a developer fee for access to the app stores, but this is a minimal fee.

There are also options for B2B (Business to Business) and self-hosting of the apps for distribution internally.

Westwood Rock can advise and help with store listings, processing of feedback, submissions and updates to the apps.