EMC & Radio Approvals

To enable CE or FCC marking of electronic devices, the devices will need to be tested for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). EMC testing checks that an electronic device does not emit electromagnetic energy above a prescribed threshold and inadvertently interferes with other electronic devices. Similarly, it checks that the electronic device is not susceptible to certain levels of electromagnetic energy.

EMC is one step towards CE approval for the EU

If the electronic device contains a radio, then it will also require testing to RED (Radio Equipment Directive) for the EU and FCC (Federal Communications Commission) standards for the USA.  Different countries have different rules for different radio frequencies.

In addition to EMC and radio approvals, devices need to meet various country dependent safety and environmental standards.


We do not do the actual EMC and radio approvals ourselves, but we work very closely and have good relationships with several testing companies. We do have some in-house equipment to allow to do some testing including an environmental oven.

If you have an existing product, we can assist you with putting together the appropriate documentation, help you through approvals testing and advise what might be done technically if there are any issues.

When we design a product for you, we will take approvals into consideration and produce the necessary documentation.