Analogue Design

All electronic circuits are essentially analogue, including digital circuits as every logic gate is made up of transistors which are analogue devices.

We understand analogue electronics

We understand analogue electronics very well, here is a taste of the type of analogue electronics that we have designed:

A light bulb

The mass-produced ballasts that turn on CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs).

Audio circuits

The audio circuits that are used in broadcast, HiFi, telephones, radios, headsets - including the small signal microphones type amplifiers to the large signal power amplifiers used to drive speakers.

Audio and video studio equipment

Audio and video studio equipment such as mixing desks, routing systems, standards conversion, and postproduction equipment, used in studios all over the world including the BBC who we have collaborated with.

Broadcast quality video and audio equipment

Broadcast quality video and audio equipment such as cameras, video links, outside broadcast and intercom systems used by broadcasters such as ARTE, BBC and PBS.


Fibre optic links

Fibre optic links, microscopes, lasers, LED backlights, infrared systems etc.


Cameras for broadcast, security, medical devices, industry, and aerospace, in the visible and extended spectrums, with fixed focus, zoom and liquid lenses

Radio electronics

Radio electronics for satellite links, telephone systems, IoT, Bluetooth, WiFi etc.

Even a portable, battery powered oven.


Headsets for retail staff, soldiers, and security.

Medical electronics

We have designed medical electronics that can sense the body’s bioelectrical signals for electrocardiograms (ECG - heart), electromyograms (EMG - muscles) and electroencephalograms (EEG – brainwaves).

Bioelectrical signals

When displaying and measuring brainwaves using an electroencephalograms (EEG) the medical device needs to be able to detect and measure bioelectrical signals with amplitudes in the microvolts (μV).

Power distribution

Solid state power distribution for commercial airliners.

Battery circuits

Battery circuits and power control for beyond line of sight drones.

Battery Powered Devices

All types of battery powered devices used in many different consumer, industrial and IoT devices.

Battery powered Medical Devices

Even battery powered medical devices that surgeons use for surgical suturing or anaesthetists use to visualise during complicated intubations.


Many different types of sensors that use light, temperature, pressure, sound, humidity, magnetic fields, radiation, electric fields, radio, acceleration, gases, liquids, particles, biological matter


Circuits for driving and controlling motors, actuators, relays and solenoids.

High speed electronics

High speed electronics design. We have helped several semiconductor manufacturers optimise the application circuits and PCB layout for their devices.

Printed circuit board (PCB)

Careful printed circuit board (PCB) layout, fabrication and assembly are very important to ensure that electronic circuits perform reliably, and so that the electronics meets electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and safety standards. 

A long and incomplete list

But it demonstrates the accumulated knowledge and experience that will help us design your next electronic device.