Business Management Systems

Our business management systems are built using our Strata Framework software. With Strata we can rapidly build high performing, secure business applications that can connect and integrate into your existing or legacy applications.

Strata Framework

The Strata Framework allows rapid development of user-friendly desktop, tablet, and mobile apps, all capable of running on multiple platforms. 

Strata has been used to help develop industrial, medical, building management and control software, all with a high level of fault tolerance and cross-platform capability.

The Strata Framework was also developed to cope with the high-performance and demands of Industrial IoT (IIoT). To secure the full advantages of an IIoT system, the business or industrial management system software should be capable of receiving and responding to large amounts of data, all in real time.



Cross-platform (sometimes referred to as multi-platform) software can work on multiple operating systems such as:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android

and therefore, on a variety of devices: 

  • Desktop computers
  • Tablets
  • Smart phones

Using Cross-platform development techniques, technology and frameworks widens the audience for the software and reduces the cost and development time for target multiple operating systems.

Strata CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Strata CRM and Strata ERP systems with our Strata Framework below the surface.

What we believe sets us apart is how we apply solid engineering principles and an agile design methodology to develop extensible, flexible fault tolerant business management software.

We are soon planning to release an off-the-shelf small business edition of Strata - CRM and are seeking more early adopters.


Strata ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

Our bespoke enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is built using our Strata Framework software. With Strata we can rapidly build a high performing, secure ERP application that can then connect into your existing or legacy applications.

All this information and control then becomes accessible to your staff with user friendly desktop, tablet and mobile apps, all cross-platform capable.

Engineered not configured

At Westwood Rock our software and hardware engineers develop a business solution to fit your business needs – we don’t attempt to configure round pegs to fit in square holes.

If we identify that some hardware or software is required to achieve the required automation, performance, and security that you need, then we can either design and develop it or source an off-the-shelf solution.

We engineer a complete solution for you - we understand the software and the electronics in equal measure.


Industry 4.0

High performance management and planning software is required to deliver optimal, secure, and real time usage of the large quantities of status and control data generated in an Industrial IoT network.

This places more demands on Business Management Systems (BMS) as they are no longer just providing the data processing and display systems but need to be linked with high speed control systems that can yield large volumes of data. In an integrated Industrial IoT (IIoT), it is the IIoT that is likely to place the greatest demands on the BMS.

The Business Management Systems (BMS) also needs to be Cloud-connected, AI Ready and provide Operational Technology (OT) services for monitoring, reacting to and executing changes across the Industrial IoT network.

Using our Strata Framework, we can integrate an IIoT network into an existing Business Management Systems (BMS) and augment any missing modules or processing capability.

With Strata we can rapidly develop and deploy a high performing, secure BMS application that can also connect into your existing or legacy applications.

Agile – an iterative development approach

We apply an Agile approach to developing all of our business systems and frameworks. This iterative approach allows for quick changes, early and repeated feedback throughout the entire development process.  

Regular builds, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), code reviews and regular meetings result is a high performing, more effective, secure and reliable business system that does exactly what you want it too.