Desktop Apps

A desktop application is software that is installed and runs on a desktop or laptop computer.

Business and Commercial Applications

Many of the apps that we design are business or commercial applications.

We can provide desktop applications that provide interfaces or bridges to third party applications and systems. We can further augment any processing or automation missing from these applications.



IoT Desktop Application

We designed a desktop application for gathering IoT data that monitored and controlled various environmental conditions. seamlessly integrating with cloud services and mobile apps.  


Real time Video Streaming

We often design desktop apps that use real time video streaming exploiting our extensive experience in video and audio processing and compression.


Ophthalmic Analysis Software

A proof-of-concept ophthalmic device was developed using a camera module, embedded CPU and a desktop computer. The software performed analysis of various features in the eye. The customer was so pleased with the application and proof-of-concept that they wanted to go to market within months.


Child's Play

A medical device we were developing was made more user friendly for children by incorporating games for them to play while simultaneously receiving treatment. We developed a system that used computer vision to respond to the child’s movements to control the game.

Strata Framework

Our software applications often use our growing Strata Framework. With Strata we can rapidly build a high performing, secure application that can then connect into existing or legacy applications.

We can develop applications that target a specific operating system or are cross-platform, i.e., software that can run across different operating systems and devices including mobile devices.   

Service Applications

Not all desktop applications require a display. Applications without displays are normally server or control system based.  Here the desktop application is running software that controls and/or interfaces with other computers, dedicated hardware or user interfaces.


Kiosk mode

Some desktop software might be required to boot up in kiosk mode. This is when the software application is the only application running on the desktop computer.

Kiosk mode computers can be used in travel and are very popular in retail applications which often require specialist peripherals or dedicated hardware.

In these applications we may suggest using a computer sub-system or module instead of a desktop computer.

Kiosk Software Application for Cancer Treatment

We developed a kiosk software application for use in cancer treatment. The software was designed to be user-friendly and clear to clinicians.   The clinical process was carefully controlled and a microcontroller with embedded software was used to mitigate hazards. In this case the computer platform was a computer module.


A Full Suite of Services

We look at the big picture so not only can we develop the application, but we can assist you with:

  • Sourcing or designing a suitable computer platform.
  • Selection of the peripherals and interfaces.
  • Design of any dedicated electronics and embedded firmware.
  • Operating in extreme, harsh or demanding environments.
  • Networking, server design, cloud services, security and communication.
  • Power supplies and battery backup.
  • Enclosure design and fabrication.
  • Securing any regulatory approvals.

Whatever type of desktop application, our engineers, designers and developers can help you.


Fault Tolerance

We can design fault tolerant software suitable for medical devices where we adhere to IEC 62304 or for use in other safety or mission critical environments such as for aerospace, defence, petrochemical, transport etc.

We have developed specialist desktop applications for use in industrial, scientific and laboratory applications. Our engineers have strong science and mathematics backgrounds. We also develop desktop applications for modelling and data analysis.

Robotic Surgery

A high-ranking university sought our help developing a computer platform for research into robotic surgery.  We developed a system design that addressed fault tolerance.


Automated Medical Sampling

Automated human fluid sampling was required for use in university hospital laboratories. We developed a desktop application that carefully controlled the sampling and provided a user-friendly test and programming function for researchers.  The software is designed for future use as a medical device.