Isolation? The team at Westwood Rock have been isolating themselves for over 20 years 😊.

At a recent team meeting we had a laugh when we realised that the team at Westwood Rock have been working remotely since 1999. A bit of light-hearted relief during challenging and worrying times, and when businesses are trying to adapt by allowing staff to work remotely and developing a more flexible approach to working which, fortunately, is the way we have worked for the last 20 years

Of course, isolating ourselves is not entirely true as we do in fact work very closely with our clients and suppliers which naturally requires good communication. We have offices for face-to-face meetings but as an established agile business crucially we have the flexibility and technology to quickly adapt, for us it is business as usual.

To be successful with remote working, clear communication, good processes and sensible boundaries are essential, embracing flexibility however cannot be overlooked, some of the best ideas happen at 2am, walking the dog or when out for a run!

All the very best to our friends, clients and suppliers during these uncertain times.

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